If you’ve been looking for that perfect place in Brighton that offers the great combination of exceptional dining experience along with the exclusive choices of Neapolitan pizza, delicious wines, and draft prosecco cocktails, head straight to Pizza Pop Brighton.

Undoubtedly the best draft prosecco bar in Brighton, this gorgeous outlet is strongly focused in unmatchable hospitality, great ambiance, exclusive wines, and the elaborate menu options serving the most authentic Neapolitan pizza, where all the ingredients are fresh and come straight from Italy. 

The History of Prosecco cocktails

  • Prosecco cocktail is the light and delicious sparkling wine, recognizable by its light straw color, delicate fruity aroma and rich flavor.
  • It is produced in Italy’s Veneto region and is made from Prosecco (Glera) grapes through hand-harvesting method and is later gently pressed in special stainless steel tanks to extract the juice.
  • In most cases, the sparkling Prosecco is produced using the Charmat method that involves preserving the fruit and freshness of the wine.
  • Prosecco is extracted using the vinification process that occurs for over 15 to 20 days in stainless steel vats where the juice is kept at a cold temperature for long time and several types of prosecco are created using the process. 

What makes Pizza Pop the best draft prosecco bar Brighton?

  • With draft prosecco and fizzy wines as their specialty, Pizza Pop is one of the best draft prosecco bars, Brighton. Prosecco is, in fact, one of the most famous drinks the place offers, a perfect companion for a sophisticated party, family outing or a large gathering.
  • Pizza Pop, as the best draft prosecco bar Brighton, offers the Prosecco Cocktails that are known for their light flavor, smooth taste, and delicate fizz. Although little sweeter and lighter as compared to the Champagne, our Prosecco cocktails are delicious on their own. With some experimentation with colors and skillful blending, this drink offers a highly imaginative combination that no other drink or cocktail can beat.
  • We offer a great variety and variants of famous Prosecco cocktails such as Pear Prosecco, Prosecco royale, Summertime Prosecco Cocktail, Raspberry Prosecco Jelly, Pink Gin Spritz Prosecco Cocktail, The Classic ‘Twinkle’ Prosecco Cocktail, Cherry Pop Prosecco Cocktail, Cranberry Orange Sparkler Prosecco Cocktail, and much more, making us the best draft prosecco bar in Brighton

Our exclusive range of refreshing prosecco cocktails served at Pizza Pop Brighton is perfect for enjoying the best dining experience ever.