Moden Blanc Brut- an exclusive Chiarli wine at Pizza Pop Brighton

Moden Blanc Brut is a wine that signifies the true energy of Pignoletto grapes which is filled with delicious flavors, smooth fruity texture, and intense taste that makes it a great drink overall. Pignoletto is a popular Italian white grape variety from Emilia-Romagna region, significant in the making of Moden Blanc Brut.

The wine is made by the vinification, a process that involves the soft pressing with unbroken or degraded grapes at a controlled temperature, followed by adding selected yeasts to extract the juice.

Moden Blanc Brut is an exclusively available wine at Pizza Pop Brighton. Other than this delicious wine, our elaborate and most exclusive range of the pizza menu and prosecco cocktails makes us the best pizza restaurant in Brighton. We serve the exclusive Chiarli wines such as Moden Blanc Brut and other specialties that you might crave for.

About Moden Blanc Brut

  • “Moden Blanc” Brut is a spectacular wine that is produced with a sparkling Charmat Method. One of the best options available in the rich Chiarli product range, Moden Blanc Brut is a perfect companion during a celebration on enjoying an intimate meal with loved ones.
  • It is a brilliant wine scented with light straw color with greenish shades. The Moden Blanc Brut of the Chiarli winery has a clear straw yellow color, lightly aromatic and fruity flavors with an abundant foam and great fizz.
  • Moden Blanc Brut is delicate to taste with fresh fruits aromas, very intriguing in both the taste and the scent.
  • This great sparkling wine can be served as an appetizer, with starters or with not very flavored white meats. It is perfect with a row or steamed fish as well.
  • Moden Blanc Brut gives the nice fruity texture and rich taste of pear, magnolia flowers, and echoes of mineral and brackish.
  • It has very fresh, savory sprinkles and has a delicious flavor too.

If you are looking for the perfect place in Brighton that serves the Moden Blanc Brut along with the exclusive pizza menus and great ambiance, Pizza Pop Brighton is the ideal choice. Right from the perfectly done pizza crust, the selection of cheese, the sauce, the toppings, selection of the prosecco cocktails, and the extensive range of Chiarli products such as Moden Blanc Brut, Pruno Nero Dry VS or Brut de Noir Rosé we offer you a unmatchable experience at Pizza Pop Brighton.