Chiarli is a well-known brand with expertise in everything from wine quality to marketing its innovative bottles. Founded in the year 1860 by Cleto Chiarli, Chiarli is much more than just a winery.

Chiarli is an entire world in itself where excellent wines are produced from the best of Lambrusco grapes. Chiarli winery is the oldest producer of Lambrusco, a type of Italian and red-wine grape variety, as well as other wines. In fact, Chiarli label and cork were much admired in the early 1900 and sparked a revolution in selling Lambrusco, a type of red-wine grape. The popularity of Chiarli products is such that by 1910 this close-knit family company was making 1million wine bottles a year.

History of Chiarli’s origin

In the year 1860 when Cleto Chiarli closed his other business ventures to focus his efforts solely on winemaking and the brand Chiarli were born. In fact, the name Chiarli has been synonymous with the great wine styles lately.

Although faced many obstacles, all through the tough and volatile period Chiarli has stayed true to its origins, focusing dedicatedly on the historic varietals of wines such as Sorbara and Grasparossa, alongside experimenting with promising new wine styles such as Pignoletto.

Popular Chiarli products at Pizza Pop Brighton

Chiarli products are quite popular among the gorgeous sparkling wines category. Whether it is Brut de Noir” Rosé or Vigneto Cialdini, the juicy and delicious aromas of assorted ingredients such as quince, lemon, crisp apple, and fresh ginger which go into the making of these fine wines bring a refreshing feeling.

If you wish to enjoy a good wine or prosecco cocktail experience, you are going to love the Chiarli products at Pizza Pop.  Pizza Pop Brighton offers the best variety of Chiarli products and prosecco cocktails along with delicious pizzas to indulge you completely.

Some of our popular Chiarli products include-

  • Pruno Nero Dry VS: It is an exclusively available Chiarli wine at Pizza Pop Brighton. Other than this delicious wine, our elaborate and most exclusive range of the pizza menu and prosecco cocktails makes us the best pizza restaurant in Brighton. Not every pizza outlet serves the exclusive Chiarli wines and the specialties that you might crave for.
  • Brut de Noir Rosé: It is yet another delicious product from Chiarli served at Pizza Pop that offers delicate rose with an exclusive combination of strawberries and raspberries in the form of a fruit bouquet with a lively, round taste for the best wine experience.